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Deepa Sannidhi Biodata / Wiki
Deepa Sannidhi born as Rahasya on June 16, 1990) is an Indian actress who mainly appears in Kannada films. She made her acting debut in 2011 after clearing the audition test for the film Saarathi which was declared as the biggest blockbuster film of the year. She also featured in yet another successful film Paramathma in the same year. Deepa has been chosen as the Promising Newcomer Female for Saarathi and Paramathma in The Bangalore Times Film Awards 2011.

Rahasya was born in Chikkamagalur district of Karnataka to the coffee estate owner father Shashidhar and Mother Nanda. She is an alumna of St. Aloysius College (Mangalore). She took part in the audition tests conducted by the Saarathi film team and was selected to play its lead role after undergoing two rounds of tests

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